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Ciane Fernandes & Emanoel Nogueira


"Public Spaces"
photo: Marcos MC

"I've been lost, found, confused, absolved, punished and rewarded.
I've been almost everywhere, met almost everyone, seen almost
Everything, done almost all of it, and I'm still waiting to be discovered.
The night has a thousand eyes and I'm a gypsy dancer
Who's still hungry for more."

(from My Life as I Remember it -
Bobby Miller, 1994)


Arnaldo Siqueira
Demian Reis
Everaldo Vasconcelos
Gabriela Perez
Ieda Dias
Emanoel Nogueira
João Lima
Julio Mota
Lusérgio Nobre
Martin Rosso
Ricardo Fagundes
Rogério Moura

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